Another Way to Plump Up Your Lips

TNS Lip Plump System™ is a product for topical application from SkinMedica®, a leading skincare manufacturing company that creates innovative products that rejuvenate the skin.

TNS Lip Plump System™ is a 2-step regimen designed to enhance, rejuvenate, condition and smooth the lips with a combination of effective ingredients that have been clinically proven to restore the youthful appearance of the skin. The system is composed of Lip Renewal™ and Lip Plumper.

Lip Renewal™
The first step of the regimen is application of Lip Renewal™ to the lips and around the edges of the lip contour. This unique formula does a number of things –  it conditions the lips to make them smoother and softer, boosts volume, improves surface texture, increase definition and moisturizes. And if that isn’t enough, it can also reduce minor “smoker’s lines”.

Lip Plumper
Lip Plumper is the second step of the system that you simply apply to the lips and stay within the natural lip line. In the form of a clear gloss, it also helps to boost volume and moisturize. Wear it under or over lipstick/lip gloss, but you may even want to go bare since it does have the ability to enhance your natural lip colour with a gorgeous glossy finish. Don’t worry if you feel tingling –  that just means it’s working! Lip Plumper includes Benzyl Nicotinate, an ingredient that is designed to increase microcirculation in the skin to enhance natural colour; that tingling sensation is the pleasant flush that results from increased blood flow.

TNS Lip Plump System™ is now available at Dermaworks. It may be considered a milder alternative to dermal fillers which require an injection to administer the product, however results may not be as immediate or dramatic.