Using Botox to Make Eyebrows Symmetrical

Eyebrow Symmetry

Botox is well known for reducing wrinkles and reinventing the aging face, but did you know Botox has the ability to correct uneven eyebrows? Symmetry is considered one of the greatest  assets in an attractive appearance and unfortunately eyebrows are one of the easiest  asymmetrical features to notice.

Before the Botox brow lift became available, men and women were subject to costly, invasive surgery with a lengthy recovery time. This quick, affordable procedure can be done in less than half an hour with absolutely no recovery time. You can even go back to work after having this procedure done!

Botox is used to lift the brows to sit higher or used to lower the brow to sit evenly across from the other. There are two types of muscles in our face, the agonist and the antagonist. The antagonist muscles have a downward pull while the agonist muscles have an upward pull. During your consultation with our physician she will decide what muscles the Botox will be injected into to create the desired look.

The cost of this procedure will be based on the amount of Botox used which will vary from person to person. The quantity of units used will depend on the amount of correction that is needed. The effects of Botox will last approximately 3-4 months.

The key factor in a successful Botox lift for your eyebrows is to seek out a provider that has thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and understands the actions of facial expression. At Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic you can be confident in the abilities of our physician who offers honest and accurate advice. Call now to book your appointment!