Will Botox Between the Eyebrows Cause Bunny Lines?

507430-448893You may have read in celebrity gossip magazines that visible “bunny lines” (the lines that form below the inside of the eyes and near the top of the nose) are tell-tale signs of Botox between the eyebrows (good example is Nicole Kidman) but is this really true?

Luckily, the horizontal nasal lines, as seen in the picture of Nicole Kidman, are not automatically caused by Botox injected between the eyebrows. One reason this happens is that men and women who receive Botox injections in the frown lines between the eyebrows (or around crow’s feet) are forced to use other muscles to make facial expressions. This can result in more use of nasal muscles in order to smile so the increased stress on the facial tissue simply moves to another region and causes new wrinkles to appear.

However sometimes lines on the nose are already there but when the areas surrounding them become smoother and less noticeable we have a heightened awareness of other areas we may not have noticed before. Many people contract the muscles of the nose as part of regular facial expressions, smiling or squinting–it is not a telltale sign of Botox.

Bunny lines sound cute, but the name is the only good thing about them. Most of the time, they are created by hyperactivity of the nasalis muscles when smiling or laughing.  They get the name “bunny lines” because they are formed by twitching the muscles of the nose.   These wrinkles may be vertical, horizontal or form diagonally but they appear in the same place on either side of the nose.

Before and After Botox for Bunny Lines

The good news is that bunny lines are easy to treat – using Botox!  Just a small amount of this neuro-toxin will help to relax the nasal muscles existing lines as well as stop new creases from occurring.  Bunny lines are often very small and shallow so only a small bit of Botox is needed.

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