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Derma Fillers OttawaEssentially a non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers are a highly popular procedure for improving the skin’s resilience and producing fullness that is lost with age. The result is a fresher, more youthful appearance of the face.* Since 1996, dermal fillers have been administered in more than 10 million procedures around the world. They are commonly used to erase marionette lines and other wrinkles around the eyes and mouth as well as alter the shape and size of the lips, cheeks, chin and jawline. One session lasts just 30 minutes, delivering immediately visible results. Effects generally last six to twelve months.*

At Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we utilize only the most effective, hypoallergenic dermal fillers available today. Common product options include Restylane, Juvederm, Estelis and Teosyal – the subtle differences will be explained and chosen by Dr. Demetra Vassiliou based on your individual skin rejuvenation needs.*

Derma Fillers FAQsDerma Fillers Ottawa Ontario

What are Dermal Filler injections?

Dermal filler injections, a great alternative to collagen injections, are the ideal way to supplement your skin’s collagen supply and smooth away wrinkles.* Based on hyaluronic acid – a substance that naturally occurs in the body – a dermal filler is a clear gel that is injected into the facial area for the purpose of erasing marionette lines and other wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.*

In your initial consultation, Dr. Demetra Vassiliou will assess your needs and determine if this treatment is suitable for you. To schedule your consultation, call 613-667-9455 or email us today. Please note that dermal fillers are not advisable for individuals who are pregnant, nursing or have a history of severe allergies.*


What is Collagen?

Collagen is the primary component of your skin, made up of a network of fibers that contribute to the skin’s elasticity and overall structure. As your skin ages, its collagen support weakens and your skin begins developing fine lines and wrinkles – particularly in the facial area.*


Are Dermal Fillers just for filling lines?

No. Dermal fillers not only fill wrinkles and folds but they can also non-surgically lift the brows, fill the hollows under the eyes, and augment the cheeks and chin.* It is also a popular treatment to boost the volume in the lips.* The dermal filler Juvederm may be used in combination with BOTOX Cosmetic during a Soft Lift makeover, which you can read about on our website or discuss with Dr. Vassiliou.*


 Main Treatment Areas for Dermal Fillers

– Lips – Lip fillers, also known as a lip enhancement, provide volume, shape and structure to the lips. The difference before and after lip fillers is significant, with the end result being naturally fuller lips that do not appear excessive or artificial.*

– Under Eyes – Under eye fillers instantly reverse the effects of aging, eliminating dark circles caused by loss of skin volume below the eye area. By restoring skin’s elasticity, these fillers also smooth away under eye bags to prevent the appearance of “tired eyes.”*

– Cheeks – Cheek fillers improve facial structure by providing contouring to cheeks and cheekbones. Well-defined cheeks are one of the key elements of a more youthful, beautiful appearance, and dermal fillers for cheeks are the simplest way to achieve that.*

– Chin – Chin fillers can restore definition to a chin that has lost its prominence due to age. In addition, these fillers can smooth the lines and fill in hollows appearing directly below the jowl line, i.e., the area separating the cheeks from the chin.*

– Brows – Brow fillers can lift drooping eyebrows, thereby helping prevent the effects of natural facial movements, such as squinting. Common effects of squinting include the appearance of crow’s feet at the outer edges of the eyes.*


How long does the process last?

The entire skin tightening and rejuvenation procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes, delivering immediately visible results.* Unless additional facial fillers are required for the desired effect, you will be in and out of our office within one hour or less.*


Are dermal fillers safe?

Yes, dermal fillers are very safe: The gel injected into your skin is biodegradable, allowing it to break down and become absorbed into the skin naturally. Like everything though complications can arise, these will be discussed with you prior to the procedure. Physician training is very important to avoid complications and that is why you should make sure a qualified physician who knows facial anatomy well is performing your treatments.*


Are dermal fillers permanent?

No – Dermal fillers last approximately 6 to 12 months but sometimes longer and results may vary for each patient.*


What kinds of side effects should I expect?

Although dermal fillers are hypoallergenic, every patient is different and thus you may experience bruising, tenderness, redness or minor swelling in the injection area. It is crucial to speak to your doctor about these side effects and how to avoid them, as well as any skin allergies you may have, prior to the procedure.*


Skin Care after Dermal Fillers

If the treatment proceeds as planned, you can resume your regular daily activities immediately, including washing your face and applying skin creams and/or makeup. Because dermal fillers are made from a natural substance, they can also be a periodic part of your skin care routine – at your doctor’s discretion.*


Dermal Fillers vs. Anti-Aging Cream

Dermal filler injections give more immediate and significantly more effective results* than anti-aging creams, as a cream cannot augment facial structures or fill in deep folds.*


Dermal Fillers vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Dermal fillers produce significant results* with the added benefit of a minimally invasive procedure and non-permanent results that can be adjusted at will.*


How do I know if dermal fillers are right for me?

In your initial consultation, Dr. Demetra Vassiliou will assess your needs and determine if this treatment is suitable for you. Please note that dermal fillers are not advisable for individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of severe allergies.*


 How much do dermal fillers cost?

A typical treatment will cost approximately $625 or more, depending on the amount injected. When you contact or visit us for a detailed consultation, Dr. Vassiliou will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.*

If you would like to learn more about the skin tightening procedure, please contact our Ottawa dermal fillers clinic. To schedule your consultation, simply dial 613-667-9455 or email us today.

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