Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where profuse sweating occurs beyond what is normally necessary to cool the body. It affects approximately 2-3 % of the population and can lead to anxiety, embarrassment and isolation.

Fortunately, successful treatment is available with BOTOX Therapeutic. One or more injections can help reduce the amount of perspiration produced. Results last approximately 7 months and most insurance providers will cover a large portion of the cost.*


How do I know if BOTOX is right for my hyperhidrosis?
You will be assessed by our physician to ensure this treatment is appropriate. Call (613)-667-9455 or email us to schedule your consultation today. BOTOX is not advisable for individuals who are pregnant, nursing or have a neurological disease.

How long does a hyperhidrosis treatment last?
The treatments typically last approximately seven months. Results may vary for each patient.

How much does treatment cost?
A typical treatment starts from $700 for women and $1100 for men, depending on the amount injected.

Where can I learn more?
Learn more about hyperhidrosis at www.sweatmanagement.ca. Learn more about BOTOX at: www.botox.com.