Dermaworks Medical Facials in Ottawa

Facials are not just a great way to relax and breakaway from everyday stress, the right facial will improve the long-term health and look of skin.*

Your skin condition, its elasticity, and its issues are unique, so we customize a facial treatment designed just for you.

Unlike facials that come “pre-packaged,” we start with a skin analysis to determine which treatments and facial solutions will be most effective.

Facials often include pore extractions that cleanse pores and prevent blackheads that cause clogging and make skin vulnerable to breakouts and scarring. Clogged pores can also irreversibly stretch the pores. This treatment also helps to remove dead skin cells and encourage a smooth and healthy looking complexion.*

Another important and relaxing element of a customized facial at Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic is the facial massage. Not only does a facial massage improve blood circulation, but it may help to reduce fluid retention that causes a “puffy” look by helping lymphatic drainage.*

Facial fluid retention, age and wrinkles can also cause sagging, but professional facial treatments are key to winning this battle and staying beautiful over time.*

No matter gender or age, everyone will see and feel the benefits of a customized facial.*

Schedule a time to come in to Dermaworks, let’s determine what treatment solutions and products will improve the overall health and complexion of your face.

Dermaworks Medical Facials with Vibradermabrasion

For an added fee a mini-Vibradermabrasion facial treatment will be added for added benefit.

*Please note- Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary.