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No matter how old you are, it's never too late to recapture a youthful look and improve the appearance of your skin, so at Dermaworks® Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Ottawa we are proud to offer Dysport™, an effective and safe solution for fighting frown lines.

It can be easy to forget that our face muscles constantly work hard; not only do they help to provide face structure and movement, but the muscles above and between eyebrows contract to smile, frown, laugh, or even express worry.

Dysport and Aging Skin

Repeated facial movements over time cause the muscles between the brows to wrinkle, fold, or sag, creating frown lines. Aging isn't the only cause of frown lines; younger adults can also develop frown lines from repeated squinting, with the lines becoming deeper and more obvious as the years pass.

Please note individual results may vary

Administered by our highly-skilled physician, Dr. Demetra Vassiliou, at our medical clinic in Ottawa, Dysport™ injections work by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscle, reducing muscle activity and the constant contractions that produce wrinkles. Dysport™ also treats the sagging skin between eyes by lifting brows to make you appear well-rested and energetic.

Dysport, Dermaworks

Maintain a Younger, Refreshed Look with Dysport

Don't wait for your frown lines to become an enduring facial flaw; call us today to schedule a consultation where we will discuss options to improve your look. Our Ottawa Dysport™ experts are able to identify the exact areas to treat. You will see noticeable results within a few days that usually last around 4 months.

Like other products and solutions for wrinkles offered at Dermaworks® Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Ottawa, Dysport™ has been proven safe and effective. It won't dramatically alter the appearance of your face when injected by our skilled physician, we are known for producing natural-looking results. You will notice and love the results.

Learn more about Dysport™ in Ottawa by speaking with us in a confidential consultation; make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Demetra Vassiliou.

Please note-results are not guaranteed and individual results may vary.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription injection approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. Like BOTOX, the product is made from a neurotoxin that works by preventing certain muscle motions. Dysport injections may be more effective for certain facial areas, particularly in treating crow's feet. Dysport was developed with a slightly different chemical variation of the botulinum toxin, blocking nerve signals to targeted muscles to smooth lines and wrinkles.

Dysport, Dermaworks

Dysport vs. BOTOX: What's the Difference?

While both products are similar in that they limit muscle motion, there are differences. Dysport is a smaller-sized molecule and produces results more quickly, typically within 2 to 5 days, rather than 4 to 7.

In determining which product will produce the best results, the most important factor is not whether BOTOX or Dysport is injected; above all, your results are based upon the skills and injection technique of your doctor. Dr. Vassiliou has garnered a reputation for excellence in anti-aging treatments and is extremely skilled in injecting Dysport in the right quantities and zones to create very natural-looking results.

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Dysport Injections: What to Expect

Ten days prior to treatment, avoid taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medication or supplement to help avoid developing bruises at the injection site. Talk to your doctor if you need these medications. The injections themselves are not exceptionally painful and feel like a sharp pinch or insect bite. The process requires only a few minutes to complete. You may be left with redness at the injection site which fades in a few hours. You are free to apply makeup immediately after treatment. Do not lie down,exercise or sleep after treatment to avoid the product relaxing the wrong muscles.

Dysport, Dermaworks

Benefits of Dysport in Ottawa

Many people who come to us at Dermaworks Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Ottawa are here because they want restore a more youthful, alert, fresh look, and choose to have Dysport injections. With forehead lines and creases smoothed, the appearance of crow's feet diminished, your entire face looks younger. The eyelids may appear more open, and you will look relaxed and alert. To maintain a refreshed, rejuvenated facial appearance, retreatment is typically required about every four months.

Natural-Looking Results: It Matters.

Many people are nervous about injectables; they have seen people who have had treatments that left the face looking frozen or unnatural. Dr. Vassiliou is very conservative in treatment with these products, and her patients trust her for her ability to create a very natural-looking results with Dysport or other injectable product. Ready to look younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated? You are invited.

FAQ Dysport

Do Dysport injections hurt?

The injection needle is very small, but you will feel the 'pinch.' Most people don't find treatments overly painful, but if you have concerns, we can apply a topical anesthetic to make treatment more comfortable for you.

*Please note- Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary.

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*Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary. Please read Dermaworks's disclaimer for more information.

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