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Dermaworks is an ideal choice for Ottawa JUVEDERM treatments. We prioritize patient comfort, wellness, and of course safety in every aspect of our operations, administering these and other treatments with care and precision. By scheduling a private consultation and evaluation with our team, we can help verify whether this is the best approach for you. We'd love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: In accordance with Health Canada regulations, we are limiting the information we share regarding JUVEDERM and other available treatments. If you would like further details regarding the nature of this service, we welcome you to reach out to our highly experienced and capable team. We will help you make a well-informed, mindful decision regarding this treatment, it may even end up that an alternative service is better suited to your needs. Please note that JUVEDERM results are not guaranteed and can potentially vary.

Frequently Asked Questions


JUVEDERM is a nonsurgical product is made from a specialized hyaluronic acid gel, used in select facial treatments. Our team can provide medical facts regarding this service to ensure you are correctly informed of the specifics.

How much do JUVEDERM treatments cost?

The total cost of a JUVEDERM session will depend on a number of factors. These include the complexity and allotted time required for the treatment sessions. Reach out to us today for a consultation to determine the approximate cost for this and other services.

Why do I need a consultation and evaluation?

These are essential steps towards delivering the level of service Dermaworks clients rightfully deserve. By understanding factors including your age, medical history and otherwise, we can present you with the facts and help decide whether this is the right solution for your needs.

Keeping our clients safe, comfortable, and happy remains our top priority. Interested in learning more? We're happy to help! Contact us today to explore the potentialities of JUVEDERM and other Dermaworks treatments.

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We invite you to discover the premier face and body enhancement in Ottawa. Schedule a private consultation with us to discover the best in aesthetic treatments.

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*Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary. Please read Dermaworks's disclaimer for more information.

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