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Unwanted hair on the legs, bikini line, underarms or face can detract from your appearance and make you feel that you are less attractive. However, removing unwanted hair on a regular basis can be tedious, time consuming, and costly. At Dermaworks, we offer our signature Ottawa laser hair removal as a long-lasting solution that can save you hassle in the long run.

How Is Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa Performed?

Before our signature Ottawa laser hair removal procedure, your hair in the treatment area will be trimmed just above the surface of the skin. Our skilled physician will make adjustments to the laser according to the treatment area, your skin color, and the color and thickness of your hair.

You will be given eye protection to wear during treatment. A cold gel or special cooling device will be used to protect your skin's outer layers and help the light penetrate.

The physician/technician will direct pulses of light to the treatment area to destroy unwanted hair follicles. When the procedure is complete, you may be given ice packs or a topical anti-inflammatory product to minimize discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal Ottawa

What Is Recovery Like after Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa?

For a day or two after treatment, your skin will look and feel like you have a mild sunburn. Cold compresses and moisturizing lotions can help. In most cases, after your Ottawa laser hair removal on the face, you can wear makeup the next day after the procedure.

Your hair will fall out in the treated areas during the month following the procedure. Be sure to use sunscreen during this time to prevent temporary color changes in the treated skin.

Reasons to Have Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa

Women can spend a great deal of time removing hair from legs, bikini zone, underarms, face, and other areas, particularly in the summer months. Regardless of the season, many men shave every day, and in some cases, more than once. As an alternative, our Ottawa laser hair removal provides a long-term solution with several advantages.

Saves Time

Many women and men spend precious minutes shaving or waxing. Add to that the additional time they spend shopping for hair removal products or visiting the spa. After laser hair removal in Ottawa, you can take removing unwanted hair off your to-do list and use the time you save for better things.

Saves Money

In the long run, the cost of laser hair removal amounts to far less that the accumulated hundreds of dollars a year most people spend on razors and refills, shaving cream, waxing supplies, hair removal accessories, or spa waxes. Once you have achieved close to zero hair growth with laser hair removal, you can put the money you save to better use.

Avoids Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be unsightly and painful, and they create a risk of infection. Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal prevents hairs from growing backward into the skin after treatment.

Avoids Pain

Waxing can be a painful experience. Shaving can result in cuts and scrapes. Laser hair removal is a safe, comfortable treatment that makes it possible to avoid the pain of shaving and waxing in the future.

Gives You Smoother Skin

After shaving or waxing, the skin is smooth at first, until hair growing back and creates a stubble that feels rough to the touch. With laser hair removal, your skin will not only look better without the unwanted hair, but also feel smoother to the touch.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and self-confidence, particularly when it is growing in areas where it shouldn't be, such as facial hair on a woman or neck or back hair on men. Our Ottawa Laser hair removal gives you the confidence of knowing that unwanted hair once growing in embarrassing places is now gone for good.

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